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Having the right people in place is essential to creating a memorable guest experience.

By working with Atlantic Staffing & Cleaning Services,  you’ll have access to the staff you need to build or supplement your existing team.

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  • Tap into our network of hospitality professionals
  • Screen candidates accurately to your specifications
  • Fill positions quickly with high-quality candidates
  • Offer opportunities to assess candidates before hiring them full time

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Hospitality Staff Employment Agency Based In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Welcome to Atlantic Staffing & Cleaning Services - your most innovative provider of personnel and cleaning staff in the South Florida area. Based in Ft. Lauderdale, we are a cleaning and hospitality staff employment company of repute. We bring with us 25 years of combined experience, which helps us cater to employees and employers in the cleaning and hospitality industry with confidence.

Long-Term Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Choose us if you feel your company lacks workforce staff or faces housekeeping and cleaning challenges. We strive to attract strong talent by building local hiring pipelines and providing coaching, mentoring and leadership development opportunities. Carrying an unmatched depth of real-world experience, we focus on employing candidates who have amassed skills from a multi-faceted work history.

Atlantic Staffing & Cleaning Services

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  • 25 years of Combined Experience

  • Company managed by Industry Experts

  • Extensively trained Crew Members

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Service Excellence

Atlantic Staffing & Cleaning Service
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Professional Detailing

  • Free Consultation

  • United States Government Approved and Certified

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    Our industry experts know exactly what it takes to be the best! With a combined 20+ years in hospitality, you can count on us to make you successful.

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    Continuous Research

    Stay ahead of industry trends with SFEHC's sustained research and development that you can depend on.

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    First Class Training & Services

    Bring an unmatched depth to your hotel with our highly skilled, world class training and services.

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